Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Play-Doh Apple Pie for Fall

Last night I bought an apple pie candle and it smelled so delicious that I considered making apple pie.  
BUT considering that I am on a "diet", I figured that would be total sabotage, so we decided to make a Play-Doh apple pie instead.
So I made some real bread dough and scented it with caramel extract and cinnamon . Then I put the dough into a pie pan and created some apples out of Play-Doh. I also offered sugar in a bowl , cinnamon and some real apples.
Here's the set up:
The Play-Doh apples:
I am no Wal-Mart fan, but these bowls I bought yesterday are PRE-E-ECIOUS:
Here is Princess smelling the cinnamon: 
She was kind of into the dough. I let her taste it, but not eat it. My grandfather was a baker and I used to LOVE when he gave me dough to play with at the bakery.
This guy needs his own cooking show:
These hands...
Too many cooks in the kitchen:
Actually I think they both need a cooking show:
The case of the apple pie stalker:

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