Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Does Our Garden Grow?

This week we are working on G, so I figured we should talk about gardening. About 2 weeks ago our family planted a seed garden. 
I take no credit for this idea or its success. I have killed every plant I have ever had, except for the ones that you only have to water once every week or so. I can remember once in a while watering, but daily watering? HA!
The Boss on the other hand has become quite the gardener and he wanted to get us involved. Here is Princess and her Daddy shoveling the dirt to fill the pots:
And here they are watering the seeds (Princess may have made a small mess during the shoveling part):

Sister helped too: 
She poked a hole in each pot and stuck some seeds in them:

 Here are my other boys:
And here is how it looks today. We have some things actually growing: 
These are sunflowers:
I'm not sure what this is...I have to check our reference sheet:

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