Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Finger Painting

Nice weather outside yesterday, so we decided to do a fall finger painting. I have been wanting to buy Crayola finger paints for a while, but they are like $7.00 for four paints and every time I put them in my cart, I always ended up putting them back because I couldn't justify the price.  
Last week I got lucky finding a set of fall colors on clearance at Micheals for $2.99!!!  
So I had the ideas that I would dip the kids' hands in paint and we would make a pretty painting that looked like fall leaves.
It went NOTHING like that.
Here is how it did go:
Princess first put on a beanie hat! No clue why, but I think it adds to the fall theme.
She dove right into the paints that I put onto a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree.
She loved painting with the brush.

Princess did a lot of paint-squeezing too!
This is her cleaning off her hands...and wiping it onto the painting:
Then Son got involved:
 A budding artist I think:
He really gets into his work:
Here is the finished masterpiece:
I still had vision to turn this into a tree, so we cut out some leaf shapes from the painting and Princess and I glued them onto a tree that I drew. HERE IS OUR FALL TREE:

Somehow these projects NEVER go as planned, but always turn out way BETTER than I imagined:

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