Thursday, September 5, 2013

Object Matching

I put out a basket of 15 different pairs of objects. Princess picks an object out of the basket and places it on the table. I ask her what the name of the object is and wait to see if she can tell me the name. If she doesn't know I tell her and ask her to say it back.

Sometimes she immediately goes in the basket to find a match and other times she just keeps putting items on the table until she sees a duplicate.

Gizmo likes this activity too....

Once this becomes too easy, there are lots of extension activities to go with the objects:

You could place objects in a bag and tell your child to pull out a certain item, like a feather or an animal.

You could make laminated cards with the names of the objects and match those.

You could alphabetize the objects.

You could make "go together" cards. If you have a little dog, you could have a card to match it with dog food or if you have a car, you could have a matching card with a photo of a garage.

There are a few items in this set that Princess has been carrying around the house. Her favorite are the $100 bill erasers.

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