Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fishing (Sort Of)

We are still on F week and even though we are on a hiatus, we did an activity today. It is finally not so hot outside, so we were ready to get outdoors!!!!
We made a fish pond with a bin and some plastic fish and frogs. We added some plants and rocks from the yard just to make it more special. I also had a fish net that I got at Target on clearance...
And we went fishing:
Son helped! 
He is crawling now and can pull up to a stand. Its only a matter of time until the babies are running in two different directions. 
Something funny is going on here:
As always, The Princess finds something to wear as a hat:
She enjoyed takingthe water out of the "pond" and dumping it:
And then she went for a swim:
My handsome little guy (and a "dead" fish):

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