Sunday, June 16, 2013

Puzzle Princess

The Princess did a matching activity this morning. I have these large picture cards and I lay out between 6 and 8 of them. Then I put all the cards on her tray and she finds the matches for them. After she matches them all I ask her to hand me the bird or the banana and she hands the picture back to me. I also use these cards to develop her vocabulary. I hold one up and then ask her what it is. She is really into matching right now, so she did this for quite a while today ( and by quite a while I mean about 15 min....that is about the longest she can do something for one period of time).

Then we worked on a puzzle. The Princess really likes puzzles, especially shape puzzles. She does not know the names of the shapes yet, but we keep talking about them during the day. The only type of puzzles she can work on are wooden. I tried cardboard puzzles, but they are too hard for her AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...she eats the cardboard!!! She has eaten pretty much every board book we own and countless boxes of cereal at the grocery store. Every time I am checking out I have to explain the holes in my cereal box!

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