Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter B Playground Hunt

Today was our last day for the letter B. We took 15 items that start with B to a nearby park. I labeled them with their names and placed them on the playground equipment.
The plan was for me to say the name of an item and then let The Princess go find it. That is NOT how it went. She just went around picking up whatever item interested her and then taking that item down the slide. So I just said the words as she was holding the item focusing on the BAH sound. It worked out fine and I know she had fun. She also did the B sound, so I am going to say it was a success:
My pictures on the other hand were not a success. It was EXTREMELY sunny, so I was just pointing the camera without looking since I couldn't see anyway. I'm lucky these few turned out okay.


  1. What a clever idea! :) Since it's naptime, I'm about to go through basically your whole blog, pinning things! :) I have an 18 month old and have been DYING for new things for us to do in the mornings! I'm Anyonita, by the way and I'm a food blogger at Anyonita Nibbles. I don't have any activities for kids, but all the food I make my toddler eats with us! :)Anyway, I'm off to give your blog some Pinterest love! All pins will most likely be on my Toddlertopia board!

  2. anyonita...thanks for checking out my blog. I have been moving and haven't been able to keep up with posting on here. Anyway, OMG-the recipes on your blog look so delicious. I am SUPPOSED to be dieting, but I saw about 20 desserts that I NEED to make now. I'm over the Pioneer Woman ever since I saw your site. Haha. Thanks for pinning.


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