Thursday, June 13, 2013

100 Words of Godly Wisdom

I have been keeping a journal for about 2 years and filling it with ideas from books, prayers, and lots of quotes from Joyce Meyer. I made a list of the Top 100 ideas that are most helpful to me and I thought I would share them:

1. We will fail if we try to achieve anything by human effort, but when we work by His sprit, we will always succeed
2. Obstacles-Seek God to obey Him and ask for grace to overcome them
3. Do not look at minor accomplishments as insignificant
4. Do nice things for people who don't deserve it
5. God abundantly supplies all of our needs. Pray bolder prayers
6. Do not ask for just monetary gains. Ask for a closer relationship with God.
7. Lend to many, do not borrow.
8. The present moment is the only one we are assured of.
9. Make your mind up to enjoy every moment.
10. Satan accuses you and accuses you all the time until you are sure who you are in Christ
11. God does not cover up our sins, He removes them
12. Learn how to receive forgiveness and mercy
13. Joy=calm delight
14. You can not give away what you don't have
15. You can not give mercy if you haven't received mercy
16. Do not read the Bible for God. You need it.
17. Don't be afraid to fail
18. Look for good in everyone
19. Fruits of the spirit definitions:
Love-unconditional devotion, giving/getting correction
Joy-Being glad in all things because that is where God has placed you and who He has placed you with at that moment
Self-Control-Following your gut. Eliminating emotion.
Patience-Waiting on God through prayer. Not doing anything without confirmation and knowledge
Peace-Knowledge, Prayer
Goodness-Sincere giving of God's blessings and words through love
Gentleness-Humble, not taking or needing credit
Faithfulness-Doing it Gods way and mostly the hard way
20. Change yourself before your weakness becomes someone else's problem
21. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee
22. Be PROMPTLY obedient to God. Give whatever He tells you to give.
23. If God tells you to give financially and you don't, the devil will take it away.
24. God cares very much about the little things, He is always looking.
25. Obedience will fast forward your walk with God.
26. The power to resist is in submitting.
27. Jesus says "I have come so that you may HAVE AND ENJOY your life".
28. Obedience is directly connected to love for Jesus
29. Obey God because you love Jesus.
30. Anything God tells us to do or not to do is for our benefit.
31. If you want your prayers answered quickly, do something about your mouth
32. Complaining opens a door for the devil
33. When we become childlike, we become humble, trusting, lowly, and forgiving
34. If you want to be a threat to the enemy become childlike in your faith
35. Don't let your thoughts be a trashcan for the devil
36. You are destined to be molded into the image of Jesus.
37. Love believes the best of every person
38. If you love and value yourself, invest in yourself and take care of yourself
39. Be the best for God
40. Quit trying to look or be like someone else and be grateful for what you have and who you are
41. You need to be in your best condition to be a strong  witness for the last 1/3 of your life journey
42. Cast down wrong thoughts
43. Do not be conformed to this world, be transformed.
44. You may have information, but you need revelation. You have to know the word of God
45. Think like God thinks and say what He says
46. Strip yourself of your former nature. Be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind
47. Stop acting like you used to and start acting like God wants you to
48.Old you-thoughts like God-new you
49. Think=Say=Do
50. You can feel wrong, but still behave right
51. Your feeling will eventually catch up with what you believe
52. See.             Notice.                 Stop.                       Heal.
53. Being a servant is a GREAT place of power.
54. Stop doing the work the world asked you to do. Start doing the work God has asked you to do.
55. This life is about glorifying God and loving people
56. Walking in love is the highest form of spiritual warfare.
57. Be determined to be generous.
58. Focus on doing for others
59. The devil may have stole your childhood, but  you can be the happiest old person he has ever seen
60. Refuse to have anything to do with petty controversy or ignorant questions
61. Stop trying to figure out stuff that only God knows.
62. Confusion is not from God.
63. Pray for supernatural understanding.
64. Love is being led by the spirit about who to help, when to help and how to help
65. Confront things and leave it to God to handle it. Confrontation protects your borders
66. You cant be a Christian and stay away from the worlds people
67. Stay inside the borders of Gods word
68.Resentment causes heaviness, depression and misery
69. You may not have had a great beginning in life, but you can have an amazing finish
70. Do not please people. Please God
71. Everyone is in a hurry. Do not skim the surface. Have depth in all things
72. The Word has the power to save your soul if it is planted in your heart.
73. Stop trying to figure things out
74. Ask God, What is wrong with me? Sometimes you may not see it, so you can not ask for healing for what you do not see.
75. Fix EVERYTHING with Godly character
76.  Do what God wants, even without the result you want
77. It is better to sound stupid than to live stupid
78. Do not get involved in America's insecurity epidemic. Get your value from God
79. Don't base your value on how you are treated by others
80. God wants you to be bold and aggressive
81. Do not say anything negative about yourself. You will be in an agreement with the devil
82. The eyes of God roam the earth looking for He who will show himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him
83. Are you growing spiritually?
84. Desire the word of God.
85. Remind yourself that life is about living for God and not for yourself
86. "Things" give you a momentary high. Gods glory always brings joy "Things" break, spoil, stain, and wear out. God endures forever.
87. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will never be the most beautiful except to God.
88. God uniquely created you. What areas about yourself you are struggling to accept?
89. Be enthusiastic about obedience
90. The first sign of a spirit filled life is enthusiasm
91. Do not live half way between bondage and victory
92. Do you want the pain of discipline today or the pain of regret tomorrow?
93. Joyce Meyer  Quote:
"I had to die to my reputation. I died to my reputation, but it was about 1,000 trips to Hell to get to the point where I don't care that much to what people think anymore or what they say. I'm gonna follow God and do what He says even if I don't have one person on this earth who is for me".
94. Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says "Oh Crap, she's up!"
95. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut
96. Feel confident in who you are today, not who you wish to be tomorrow
97. Give Satan a bad day
98. Maintain a tender heart
99. Make sure you are doing the work of your ministry
100. When it doubt pray until there is no doubt.

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