Saturday, June 15, 2013


Some small blessings I am grateful for this week:
1. Elmo's Potty Time video. Yes its driving me NUTS and it caused The Princess to break the DVD player but she loooooooves it and boy does it make her if only she would actually use the potty.
Here's a clip:
2. Our dog groomer. He is such a  nice person. He puts up with my last minute frantic calls begging for an immediate appointment because Giz has gotten his fur in a knotted mess! He loves Gizmo and always puts the cutest little scarf on him.
Here's Gizmo lookin fresh:

3. The book called "Love You Forever".
I first read it to Sister and now to the babies. It still makes me cry EVERY time.
4. When both babies fall asleep in the car at the same time. Rare..... but a nice break and serious blessing for a moment of quiet peace.
5. My Omega juicer. Best kitchen appliance hands down.

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