Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Going for the Gold

The Princess: 6 mo. old


When I bought this shirt I was thinking Olympics.


2028 to be exact.

The Princess will be 16 years old (almost 17) , she will swim the 50 Free, break the World Record and become and American hero...simple enough.

What I didn't realize was that Going for the Gold would become her way of life. I should have known, really. When she was born the nurse layed her on my chest and without missing a beat, she pushed her head up like a little prarie dog popping out of the ground. She scanned the room like she had been waiting 9 months just to get a EVERYTHING.

From that moment on, everywhere we went, we always got comments about her alertness and how she" mean-mugged" people, staring them down like (and this is according  a store clerk) "an Apache Helicopter Pilot!

She used to cry EVERY night for 2-3 hours and HATED the car seat with a passion. At the time I attributed some of it to colic, but now I realize she was flippin mad! She wanted to run, explore, climb things and just do everything at the speed of light... but at the time she just couldn't.

Fast forward till today and The Princess is at full speed. All day. All night. All the time. She never misses an opportunity to run fast and climb high.

Sometimes when  I'm at her play group , people comment on how exhausted I must be. After all, they are sitting around drinking coffee and talking while their little one quietly plays nearby. Meanwhile, I am frantically trying to keep up with The Princess, always staying 5 steps ahead, ready to save her from her latest death defying act....

So while it is true that chasing my little girl is exhausting...I wouldn't have it any other way. She keeps me on my toes and inspires me to be a better parent. I have to think outside the box for ways to keep her occupied and engaged.

So I just would like to thank God for blessing me with such an incredibly active child. I pray that I can keep up with her and that she will have 5 gigantic angels protecting her at all times.

As for the Olympics?

What was I thinking? No way can she wait till 2028.

2024 sounds much better.

The Princess: June 2013 (21 Months)

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