Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ah Ah Apple

Today I made a special bath for The Princess. We needed practice with the Ah Ah sound of the letter A, so I made the bath an apple theme. It was also an opportunity to talk about the color red and learn about the sense of smell.

 Here is how it looked:


As I suspected, she went for the balloons first:
The Princess seemed a bit confused...
Then she realized that she was wearing a bathing suit and it was all over.
To make the bath I:

Dropped in a few Crayola bath tabs to color the water.

Cut out some foam paper in the shapes of apples and leaves and wrote A's on them with a marker.

Added a few dollar store apples and balloons.

Painted the tub with a shaving cream and food coloring mix.

To make it super special I burned apple scented candles. It smelled like a fall festival.
Afterthought: To put it over the top I could have played some apple-ishy ???? music and served apple cider.

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