Friday, June 21, 2013

Act of kindness- Letter B

As a part of "B" week, we went to the dollar store and filled a bag with balls, bubbles, balloons and books (really fun activity and sticker books). I wrote a note in the books and we made small cards for the other items that we attached with ribbon.

The Princess helped by putting bunny stickers (also a b word) on each one!

We put the gifts in a bag and went to the pediatric unit of the local hospital.

Here is The Princess making the delivery:

She had a hard time giving up those balloons!

I took a cute picture of her outside after we finished:

This was especially fun for us because just a few months ago, The Princess was a patient in that hospital. She had pneumonia and it was hard to see her so sick.

Here she is in the hospital:

She even got flowers!

We had a great time today and we hope the kids like the gifts!

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