Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Things I'm Going to Miss When We Move

1. The Princess's Play Group. It has been great going there almost every Monday and giving her an opportunity to interact with other kids.

2. Story time at the local library. This is where The Princess learned to shake her sillies out.

3. Sister's Art Class. Here are a few of her masterpieces:

4. My local Publix. Every time we go in there everyone is so nice to the babies and wait untill you hear this:

The day before Thanksgiving I had a full cart with over $200.00 worth of stuff. I went to pay and realized my ATM card was missing. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, so I told them I could not purchase the items. I was walking to my car and the manager came outside with my cart and told me to take the items and that I could come in and pay when I had the chance. I was so overwhelmed by his kindness and he probably thought I was nuts the way I was crying. (Note: I found the card 5 min later IN MY CAR).

5. The local parks:

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