Saturday, June 22, 2013

4 Activities to Do with Items That are Already In Your Home

1. Pushing coins into a wipes container.
I use poker chips that I got at a yard sale, but you could use plastic milk jug lids if you want. This is more challenging for a younger child, but The Princess still likes this activity. 

2. Color sorting.
I had some ugly colored card stock, so I used it to make envelopes. Tell me these envelopes are not the exact color of 1980s Tupperware!!!! 
I then cut shapes out of the card stock...4 shapes for each color. 
The Princess just takes the shapes and places them into the matching colored envelopes.
Here's a child size set of the Tupperware that I am talking about. I found it on Ebay. I had this exact set when I was little!!! I am tempted to bid.

3. Matching lids.

I found different containers in my kitchen and placed them in a line. Then I placed the lids in front of them. She then matched them up with the proper container. I only did 5 and it was easy for her, but she was in no mood to do any more than that today, so I will try again another time.

4. Scooping.

I find anything that can be scooped. Beans, rice, pom poms, oatmeal, chocolate chips...The Princess still puts a lot of things in her mouth so I have to be careful.  I use measuring cups, but spoons or scoops from things like Kool-Aid work too. In this case The Princess was scooping Goji berries. I had every intention of putting them in smoothies, but they taste disgusting to me. She LOVES doing this.

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